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Record labels reject homophobia

Stop Murder Music Coalition Suspended
This week a consortium of UK and US Record labels and concert promoters in association with Outrage! And the UK Black Gay Men's Advisory Group issued the following statement

Following months of constructive negotiations and discussions the Stop Murder Music coalition (SMM) has suspended their campaign with immediate effect after reaching a satisfactory understanding with the reggae music industry.
The parties have acknowledged each other's concerns and have agreed to create a framework for conflict resolution. This includes a series of on-going meetings to evaluate progress. This framework was entered into by OutRage! and the Black Gay Men's Advisory group with a consortium of U.K. and U.S. concert promoters and record labels. The promoters include Jammins, Apollo Entertainment.
The labels are VP Records, Greensleeves and Jetstar Records. Dennis Carney, head of Black Gay Men's Advisory Group, and spokesperson for the SMM coalition, acknowledged the efforts of all parties. «This is the first step in an important process» said Carney. Media strategist, Glen Yearwood, who mediated the resolution on behalf of the industry, is confident that all parties can now build on this framework that will help shape a new and positive future.