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CE’CILE sul sessismo e l’omofobia nella dancehall

CE'CILE sul sessismo e l'omofobia nella dancehall

«Right now I have a song called Do It To Me. It’s about oral sex. We call it 'bowing' and it’s a big taboo in Jamaica. There have been so many songs by men saying it is a bad, dirty thing to do for them to do to a woman, but they're still happy to say that we should do it to them, so I’m like… enough already! Sometimes as a woman you need to come out and be assertive and push and shock people, you need to be seen and heard. It’s true of other things, too. Like I think it’s ridiculous that people are so homophobic in dancehall. I have nothing against people being gay and never will. Men being homophobic are also, by implication, being misogynist to me and I will keep saying that, no matter what». Continue reading →